Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Gma!

Mother's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. 

I'm pretty sure this Mother's Day just solidified Mother's Day as my favorite holiday of all time.

But before Brooklyn, the Mother's Day Miracle, I have always loved this holiday. I love all the family birthdays surrounding it (including mine, and now Brooklyn's!), especially my Gma's. She's the mother at the head of it all. She sets the tone for our wonderful, loving family. I love her! Happy 80th Gma!

Here are my grandparents with their newest great-grandkid, beautiful Brooklyn.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

On This Very Special Mother's Day...

...we are mindful of and loving the amazing woman who just made our family a lot more beautiful.

Welcome home Brooklyn Rose! We are so grateful you're finally here!

These two, this family.
Happy Mom on Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zoo... Zoo.. Zoo...

Peter had so much fun at the zoo with his cousins last week! It was a beautiful day and the most perfect timing. We always go right when it opens to beat the crowds, heat, and hunger that comes in the afternoon! Peter loved being outside and running around with Ben and SJ! It is going to be such a fun summer!

We were singing the zoo song all morning. On the drive, I kept hearing Peter singing, "Zoo... zoo... zoo... oooh... oooh... ooh..." It was so cute! I can't handle all of his cute little words! He is getting to be such a big talker, and I love it! He is so much fun!

I'm behind in my blogging, and we have been having so much fun! Bike rides, BBQ's, yard work, the park, and today we went to Wheeler Farm with some friends! We are loving the warm weather and hope it's here to stay!

While the savanna portion of the zoo is under constructions, they've decided to distract the kids with giant legos. It worked. There were awesome lego exhibits all throughout the zoo (polar bear, monkeys, turtles, etc.)

First time at the zoo for Baby Emmy! 


Legos. Not a real polar bear. Shocking, I know. 
Except they do have real polar bears! One of them was doing the coolest backflip trick over and over in front of the kids. He kept coming up nose-to-nose with Peter, which he LOVED! I loved watching the surprise on his face every time it happened!

We ALWAYS have to sit on these tigers! 

Legos. Again.

Good thing this kid in front is unidentifiable. He was kind of a bully to poor Ben! Only one kid in front of us, and Ben went on and on and on and ON about riding the Snow Leopard on the carousel. The gate opens, and that kid goes straight to the Snow Leopard and looks back to smirk at poor Ben.

Ben ended up choosing the Eagle. See how happy he is about that?
(Uncle Doug, we tried to get him to choose buffalo and be "Man on a Buffalo"0
He ended up cheering up and was excited to ride the eagle. We watched the zookeepers feed a rat to an eagle earlier that day. So I told him to watch for a rat to eat. Every time the carousel passed his mom we'd yell, "There's a rat, there's a rat, there's a rat!" It was a grand time. 

Cute, sweet SJ! I love this girl with her curl!

Peter was a little stunned throughout the carousel, but he seemed to have fun!  

We are so excited for more days at the zoo. Thank you for the zoo pass, Grandma Teri!
(Lego turtles below)