Monday, October 5, 2015

Ring Around the Rosie

My miracles are best buddies about eighty percent of the time these days. I am crazy about these two. The level of cute is getting to be absurd, and the sweetness is impossible at times. I am humbled and grateful to be their mom. I thought about motherhood a lot this weekend as I tried to catch bits of General Conference. In between the chasing, moderating, feeding, fort-building, diaper changing, back-scratching, and cleaning miscellaneous items out of Brooklyn's mouth, I was able to absorb the many messages of motherhood the Lord wanted us to hear. I felt so grateful for the recharge and inspiration. I know my life was prolonged so I could be my babies' mother. I know I am exactly the mother they need, as long as I am giving them my best. 

PS... I haven't written on this blog in about seven months. Sammy's gotten big since our first post about her, which was actually my last post.  

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