Tuesday, February 3, 2015


These kids are killer. The level of adorable in our house is reaching absurd proportions. Brooklyn has finally started opening her mouth, and the words coming out are absolutely darling. Peter is as sweet as ever, and he surprises me every day with the new things he is figuring out about life. 

A few details I want to be sure to remember. 

Brooklyn's words. Our sweet girl has her own little language, and it cracks us up. We are the only ones who understand her, but it's clear as a bell to us. Here are a few of her non-conventional words.
"Ah hoo! Ah hoo!" means "Up Please."
"Ma ma (with the sign for thank you)" is thank you. 
"Baba baba" is a fish, fish cracker, picture of a fish. This one is my favorite. She calls it a "Baba" because the fish makes the "bababababa" sound.
"Ah Nuh!" means "All done!"
"Dododo" means "tomato."
"Cheeese tia!" is a cheese quesadilla. Or any food in general that could resemble a tortilla. 
 Everything is said over and over and with absolute desperation. Generally speaking, Brooklyn never does anything halfway. In joy or pain, she commits.

Peter has been loving preschool. Loving. He loves having friends his age to play with (give his sister 6 months and we'll be gold), and he is having a blast learning more and more everyday. Last week was "Small World Day" at Peter's preschool, encouraging kids to dress representative of their country of origin or family heritage. Peter proudly sported his half Canadian pride. 

Peter asserted his opinion pretty firmly that he did NOT favor the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl this year. He did not like that bird with the "not nice eyes." He cracks me up. He is so sensitive. And he is so responsive to eyes. He has not yet figured out the concept of good guy/bad guy. So he calls them "not very nice guys." The Seahawk is not very nice. 

Both these kids are thrilled to be back to the life of cabin weekends. And we are too. Oh, they are cute.