Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love Them

I am creating this post for the sole purpose of showing off this picture. 

I have no commentary other than than this: these boys make me so so happy. And I love them. 

H Cut

Peter got a haircut! It' wasn't his first, but it was the hardest one for me to accept! I just love his shaggy, blonde hair. So I took him to Cookie Cutters, the description of which cracked me up! Every kid sits in a car/truck/space ship and has an individual television to watch any show of their choosing? WHAT?! Peter did great. He was definitely a little skeptical at first, but eventually had a lot of fun. He especially loved his balloon and played with it for the next day. 

He played hide-and-seek with his balloon and carried it with him from room to room. I love how his hair cut turned out. I was a wimp and probably could have asked the hair-cutter to take it a little shorter, but it's still nice and long, so I'm a happy mama!

Springy Saturday

I can't believe I'm saying it, since I love everything winter, but I am so ready for spring! Our tulips are popping through the ground, and our neighborhood is coming to life. The entire street is outside almost all day long, and we love it! Having a kid really escalates the anticipation of spring. We have been outside as much as possible this last week. Scott gets home at 4:30 these days from work (WHAT!!?), and we have been taking advantage of the sun and all this time together. We go on lots of walks/bike rides, work in the yard, and walk up to the park to go down the slide (Peter's latest favorite discovery). We stay outside until bedtime! Peter is such a great "helper" and walker. I can tell we are going to have such a fun summer with this busy, sweet, little guy. We love him!

Emmy's Outing

Kirsten and I had haircuts on Monday. They take about twenty minutes each, so not that big of an ordeal, but it was a great excuse for Emmy to take her first outing... to my house! We were so excited she could visit! We love her so much! 

Mom and Grandma came down to help watch the kids (and just hang out!) while Kirsten and I switched off getting haircuts and watching each other's kids. We had a lot of fun! Peter absolutely loves his cousins! Emmy took a nice long nap while Peter, Ben, and SJ put on puppet shows, watched Mickey Mouse on my bed, played with rocket monkey, got out all my American Girl Dolls for SJ, ate snacks, and had a lot of fun with Grandma Teri and Great-grandma Joan!

Emmy Joan and Great-grandma Joan!

Four generations of beautiful ladies!

Quinn, Benjamin, and Peter

We were so happy Quinn and Ben were able to come play on Saturday afternoon! We had so much fun! After hanging out in the playroom, we walked up to the park and drove bikes and cars in our backyard. Peter loved playing with Q and would like her to come play again soon!

We went to the Treehouse Museum last week with these two and their awesome mom (my best friend and college roommate, Lindsey!). I haven't posted pictures from that fun day (they are on my phone), but we definitely need to have play dates more often! Thanks for letting us watch them, Linds and Chase!

Peter was very fascinated with Baby Ben. He kept checking on him and calling him "Baby!" He has spent a lot of time lately with his new cousin Emmy, so I think he's especially aware of babies these days. Wait, he's supposed to be the baby! Is he seriously this big already! Today at church someone asked us, "Who is this big boy sitting next to us; he has grown up so quickly," and I introduced him as our teenage son, Peter. 

Sneaky Pete

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Doing Nothing

Ever since Scott finished his MBA, we have had so much time together at home. It's kind of hard to believe! We make a lot of plans about all the things we want to do, especially as the weather gets warmer, but the best part about all this free time is the fun we have just hanging at home (often in our jammies...). 

Oh I am the luckiest mom!

And wife! I'm pretty much the luckiest girl all around. I am grateful for cozy nights like this one.