Monday, September 30, 2013

Beach and Back

We went to the beach and now we're back. Pictures to come when we get a little more organized in life.

For now, I love my little beach buddies. We drew a line in the sand, Dad.

Hanging at Home

Peter and Brooklyn have been sick on and off for about three weeks. It breaks my heart to hear their stuffy noses and wheezy lungs. Although I love the extra snuggles I get when they're under the weather, I can't wait for this bug to pass on its way and for my cute kids to be back to their normal, busy, funny, and energetic selves. 

We've been hanging out at home a lot. Mostly in jammies and sweatpants (By the way, Peter thinks all of Brooklyn's clothes are "jammies." He likes to tell me which jammies she should wear). We've watched movies, played trucks and puzzles, and read A LOT of books. Peter is the sweetest big brother and loves reading to Brooklyn these days. She loves it too! She gets the biggest smile on her face while Peter reads. And Peter is a good little reader! We've been having a lot of mellow, low-key fun around here. 

I honestly don't know what pictures where taken when. But I want to stick a few on the blog so we can remember this fun stage in our family when Peter turned 2 and Brooklyn was 4 months old. Scott and I are so in love with these two and with our lives in general. We have so much to be grateful for. So much has happened in the last two years!

So happy Uncle Jim and Aunt Paula could come meet Brooklyn! Just wait till she's old enough to play you in Tic-Tac-Toe, Paula. I've been showing her all my moves!

Pictures from Yore

I apparently started this post a while ago.
A long while ago, according to Pete's haircut and Brooklyn's short hair (has it really grown that much?!)

But whatever... they are too cute not to post!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gramma and Grampa Hannay

It's been a while! I'm going to back up and see if I can catch some of September before too much time flies by! We were so happy to have Gramma and Grampa Hannay come visit over Labor Day. We were so happy to see Rick and Brooklyn meet for the first time, and it was so fun to hear Peter chatter away with them both. Our kids love spending time with their grandparents, and we are so grateful they were able to make the trip. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Pete!

Poor Peter.

He is going to have to face the harsh reality that he doesn't get showered with gifts and attention every day of the week like he does during birthday week (although he is pretty spoiled and loved every ordinary week as well). 

We are having so much fun celebrating our big two-year-old! Between having Grandma and Grandpa Hannay in town and a big birthday bash at Grandma Joan's house, this birthday week has been extra-special. 

Sweet Pete. Peter Pan. Little Man. Little Pete. Baby Boy. My Boy. Buddy. Pete.
September 4, 2011

Our favorites as of late:

Last night he asked for a banana in bed at 10pm. He got one. 
Lately he's started calling Grandpa George and Grandma Joan "Papa Joan and Jamma Joan."
He tells us that he's "teeeooow (two)."
He can count eleven on his own, and can make it to twenty (though not always in order).
He wanted to have a "Monkey George Party" and has been really into eating "Nanas (bananas)" lately.
He LOVES tunnels, building them, crawling through them, making them out of bread, napkins, snakes. 
To "race" is to turn a car sideways and push it along the track (like the sharp turns Lightning Mcqueen does)
"Ta da!" He says this all the time!
"Keen" and "Mater" are favorite show these days. (Lightning McQueen)
He loves to teach Brooklyn about colors, shapes, letters, counting, and reading. He always says, "Like it, Bookin?" and "Kay?" at the end of each page.
His favorite food these days are "Peter Pan-cakes, ga-bars, suckles, mok, reenies, and geeps" (pancakes, granola bars, popsicles, milk, tortellini/macaroni, and grapes).
He LOVES Peter Pan and sleeps with his Peter Pan every night. 
He loves his Monkey George. 
He is very good at saying "peas" and "gank-oo."
He always says, "I neeeeeee help."
He has a pretty big vocabulary for a little guy. He's so shy, so no one else would know it, but at home he knows the words for everything. Even words I didn't teach him. Just now I heard him ask for a "bee-un" (balloon hanging in the corner of his room). The other day I did a little burp. He laughed at me, mimicked me, and then said, "burp!"
He LOVES to read and swim in the tub. 
He loves his sister, and I often find him banging on Brooklyn's door, "Wake up Bookin! Pay!"
He is so sweet and snuggly. Tonight he wanted to fall asleep next to daddy, snuggling by the big bear with a blanket. 
Lately he's obsessed with "cycles (motorcycles). Riding the machines at the cabin is his all-time favorite thing these days. He keeps yelling "Fast! Awesome!"
All he needs is a toy car and a table and he can stay busy for hours. 
He loves Daniel Tiger and Curious George on TV. 
His best friends are Gaga (Daddy), Papa (Grandpa Dave), and SJ (his cousin Sarajane).
He loves to swim and go to the zoo (especially with his cousins).
He is an AWESOME biker! He has been riding his little Strider bike since he was 16 months-old (he starting walking when he was 13 months old! He's been on two wheels almost as long as he's been on two feet!). He is the littlest biker around and gets all kinds of funny looks and comments because of how speedy and small he is when he's cruising. He loves to ride his bike and goes on a ride almost every day. Winter will be a tough change for this boy. 
He loves to dig in the garden with his "shovol!" and mow the lawn with his little mower. "Peter lawn! Peter lawn!"
You are a snuggler. Thank goodness! Never change!
Every morning I ask him what he dreamed about and he responds by naming all the friends in his crib, starting with, "Rargink." (his "Rar" is his tiger pillow and his "gink" is the binky we still let him have in his bed... for another two weeks until after our trip to California)
He sleeps with lots of friends. (Rar (Rar the Tiger). Gink. Banket (Blanket). Monkey George. Tana (Panda). Pengin (Penguin). Mickey. Minnie. Pan (Peter Pan)."
"A way-oh-way-oh-way-oh" is his whale.
We get so excited whenever he wakes up at night and compete to be the first one to his room because he is always so happy and cute!
He has rhythm and has from day one. He can always recognize and groove to a beat. He now makes up songs. Like the "again song" and his own rendition of Bob the Builder. "Bob builder, no no can!"
He loves to play in the sink. "Soo" is the stool he stand on. "Spoon" is what he uses to stir. And "WATER" always gets dumped on his head. 
He can name the Bob the Builder characters. "Loley" "Muck" "Soop" "Builder" etc...
He loves Mickey and all his buddies. He can name them too. 
He calls Nemo "Meemo." He has a Nemo backpack he calls his "wagon" and insists on taking in the car with us wherever we go. 
He loves stickers. So much. 
We love his cheesy grin when he shows us his teeth. 
He is the sweetest  big brother. 
He is loved by his family. What two year old has forty people at his birthday party! Lucky boy!
His is a puzzle genius, whether a wooden puzzle or one on the ipad. He is such a smart boy.
He will stay outside all day if we let him. Maybe we should get a fence so he can...
"Ready. Set. Go!" with everything, all the time. 
He is a car kid. LOVES cars and the sound effects they make. Fire truck says "Weee-nooo-weee-noo."
He can recognize the sound of his dad's tacoma anywhere!
He knows that daddy drives a black truck, Papa drives a white truck, that Mama and Grandma have jeeps.
He naps and sleeps like a champ. 
He loves hiding and tickling people who are sleeping. 

Oh, there is way too much to say about him!

Peter, you are the most amazing little boy. You have changed our lives in the most wonderful ways. We know that you are such a special boy, prepared for the role you play in our family by your Heavenly Father. You came into this world, bringing hundreds of miracles behind you. We are blessed every day to have you. Thank you for being so brave and tough two years ago when everything seemed so scary. We knew you knew exactly what was going on, and your whole family (aunts/uncles/grandparents/great aunts and uncles) all felt your spirit and learned such strength from you. I tell you every day that you are my best friend, and it's true! You, Brooklyn, and Daddy are all my very best friends, and I am so lucky to be home to spend time with you always. We have some pretty awesome adventures. Thank you for teaching me the bigger picture. Thank you for reminding me when I need it. Thank you for filling me with more love than I could ever describe aside from having swallowed a box of fireworks and bursting with love every minute. You are the coolest, sweetest, greatest little man I've ever met. I am so blessed to be your mama. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Pete!