Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Peter has had the opportunity to meet both of his living great-grandpas (my grandpas!), and spend time with them often. Grandpa George lives down the street and visits often. Peter has loved him from the beginning and has a lot of fun playing in his yard and pool. Peter has spent time with Grandpa Pete (where "Peter" came from. My dad also went by "Pete") at his house in California and his beach house up in Bodega Bay. Peter also loves Grandpa Pete's yard and swimming pool! We'll have to visit again soon! Grandpa Pete flew out while I was in the hospital and got to meet Peter during his earliest days. 

I love both of my grandpas, and I am so grateful Peter gets to know them both! How especially cool that he got to spend time with both of them this weekend! 

Grandpa Pete came to town for one day! Peter and I got to spend some time with him up at my parent's house, go out to dinner, and take him to the airport. Grandpa and Peter were watching a little show together. I snapped a secret picture on my phone real quick...

Then on Sunday, Scott assembled our new bike trailer, and we took Peter for a little ride around the neighborhood. We rode down to visit Grandpa George and Grandma Joan. Peter loves to visit with them and could spend all day in their yard looking at all of the treasures and surprises hiding out back. 

I'm so grateful for my wonderful grandpas and the wonderful love, support, perspective, and example they provide our family. I love watching my son spend time with his great-grandpas!

While Gaga Was Gone

When Gaga leaves town for TWO WEEKS for work, we do our best to keep busy. We also take a lot of blurry cell phone pictures to help him feel like he like he's not missing a beat.

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in his favorite viewing position. 

Hanging out in our pj's in the morning.

"Mok" and "Mickeeeeey"

A nap at the park (and an afternoon read for Mama!)

We remodeled the basement (still working on it), which made outdoor naps and naps at grandma's necessary for a while. 

 Coloring during breakfast.


So much fun with cousins (Mickey, again!)

Hanging with Ben and SJ!

 Baby Emmy!

Post-nap hair and snacks!

 A special lunch date for Mama and Peter (I love going on special dates with Peter. Even though we are together all day, there's something fun about going to a restaurant just the two of us. We have the funniest little conversations! Peter loved eating at Roots because he got to scope out all the awesome trucks that go by).

 Peter took care of the lawn while Gaga was gone. 

Peter tried to be sneaky with Uncle Doug's Curious George. "Mokey! Mokey!"

Sucking on our toes... hmmmmm...

Talking to Gaga. Peter was so talkative when his dad called. It was so funny to watch him walk around the house jabbering away, telling his dad about all the fun things we did each day. 

Not now, Mom. I'm on the phone. 

One of Peter's greatest tricks. "Peter, stand on your head!"

We missed Scott, and we're so unbelievably excited we have him back! Two weeks went by v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Many Moments

I love this boy. I love being his mom. I love being with him all day, start to finish. Wouldn't you?

 He woke up at night in his crib, requesting a "nana." I was happy to oblige. It was way too cute. 

Obsessed with Mickey! Mickey accompanies us everywhere we go! I love it!

  "Peter, stand on your head!" Well, done.


This is his new game to zoom through the diaper process. That toothy grin!

So grateful for the many moments that remind me how blessed I am to be a mom.

Goodbye Disney Mural

Don't you wish you had a room like this in your basement?
(This was my attempt at panoramic cell phone pictures)

Good thing Peter doesn't know who any of these characters are, or else he'd probably be devastated that we would destroy such a work of art. No seriously, though, it is a work of art. It's pretty impressive. Whoever painted this before we moved in was an artist. It's just not the kind of art we want in our basement. 

So goodbye Disney mural. Thanks for adding a level of intensity to our basement that will never be beat. 

Hello insulated, sheet-rocked, walls with a calm, neutral paint color. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

St. George

We broke up the drive home with a stop in St. George. My parent's were down there for general conference, so we spent a day with them before heading back home. We were going up Snow Canyon to hike up Jenny Canyon, but it was closed (turtle migration!?), so we decided to go up to the lava tubes/caves instead. We didn't go down the big one we used to do, but we did a more kid-friendly one with our little hiker. Peter insisted on walking the whole time. I love it! But I also don't love it. Sometimes it'd be nice to swoop him up and pick up the pace. But this time we were in no hurry, and loved spending time as a family.

We love to go down to St. George. We have already gone once a month this year! Thank you to my mom and dad for letting us use their house so often! It is such a fun trip for our little family! And after our adventures in California, a four hour drive to St. George feels like nothing! Peter was so excited to see my dad and started calling him "Pa Pa" on this trip. He also started saying, "air-ee-is" or "airyis" for "there it is" whenever he saw something really cool. He started talking like crazy on this trip. There's too many new words to document! Those two and "Ga ga" for "Da Da" are my favorites!

Sea World

We knew we'd have maybe three days in San Diego, so we decided to do a couple beach days and then do one of the parks on the third. We kept Disney Land out of the mix because Peter's still so little. It would have been so overwhelming. But of course we came home from our trip, having skipped Disney Land, and three days later he decides he's OBSESSED with Mickey! He takes his Mickey everywhere we go and sleeps with him every night. The only show he wants to watch this week is Micky Mouse clubhouse. He calls him "Mickey" and "Mickah," and walks around the house yellings "Too-als! (Toodles)"

So I'm kind of kicking myself that we could have taken him to Disney Land to meet Mickey. But at that point, did he know who Mickey was?

Anyway, we have a zoo nearby and did the zoo in SB, so we decided we'd do the San Diego Zoo another time. We chose sea world. Peter loved it! His favorite show was the dolphin show, and he had so much fun looking at all the different animals! He got tired and napped in the stroller for a bit. We brought home a stuffed whale that he has also slept with every night since "way-oh-way-oh-way-oh!"