Monday, August 27, 2012

A Line in the Sand

We have too many beautiful pictures from the beach. I'm still going through them! It was a memorable trip for so many reasons. I am so grateful to have added to the list of memories associated with this place this fun family trip. We missed Doug, but we were happy to be the rest of us together. After everything this last year has brought us and everything that challenged us, it means so much more than it ever did to spend this time together. I am so blessed to be here, to have my family, and to have the gift to keep making memories. 

This was my favorite time drawing a line in the sand. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Janessa Dear

My wonderful friend Janessa was married to Daniel Wilde on Saturday. She is the truest of friends, and I couldn't be more thrilled for the exciting life she's about to start! Her wedding was beautiful, and she had an even bigger smile on her face than normal... which is saying a lot for this girl!

On Tuesday, before her wedding, I threw a bridal shower at my house for cute Janessa. It was so great to catch up, hear all her stories, and see some good friends! 

Max and Peter are our honorary boys at the girl party. Max slept the whole time, and Peter wore his jammies. Party on.

A personal highlight from the night, when Janessa is telling a story and prefaces it with,

"This is a Lindsey story..."

She proceeds to tell her story which included, "So we wore giant sweatshirts and just walked around looking like hobos."

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Few Favorites

We have had a fun summer... and a busy one! We took a wonderful trip to our family beach house two weeks ago (pictures to come), spent a night at our cabin, and we've spent a lot of time with our friends and family with weddings, homecomings, and dinners. I am so behind on organizing all our pictures. They are spread out between a few different computers/hard drives/camera cards... so I'm going to have to get organized soon. In the meantime, here are a few from July.. as well as a few favorites of Peter's as of late.

Favorite Foods: Black beans, blueberries, string cheese, and pasta/pizza (anything with red sauce and veggies).

Favorite Game: Pulling things out of bags/boxes/baskets and putting them back in (and sometimes eating what he finds!)

Favorite Friends: His Dad and his Grandpa Dave are his two best buddies right now. He also loves Grandpa George!

Favorite thing to do with Cheerios: Anything but eat them! He loves to stick them to his face and throw them on the ground.

I don't know if hikes are his favorites or ours, but it's been nice to get up in the mountains a bit. 

My Favorite Thing about Peter: His silliness! He is the goofiest, most entertaining little guy! We have so much fun!

Weirdest Favorite Yet: Brushing his (five) teeth! It's his favorite part of the bedtime routine and the quickest way to stop him from crying!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Lobster

I think it's official. Peter's a toddler. 

Throughout each of Peter's many changing stages, I have always eagerly anticipated his next big milestone: "I can't wait until he can roll over! I can't wait till he can stand up! He's so close to crawling! He's almost walking!" 

I'm ready for him to stop now. Or at least slow down. I LOVE this stage! 

I love this guy so much I feel like my heart could just burst right out of my chest. Scott and I are having so much fun! 

Life is so good!

Motherhood is the most amazing thing. I can't even explain the love I have for my boy. It can't be described in words or wiggles. It's isn't comparable to any other emotion or passion. I know it's a feeling given to me that comes straight from my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for this beautiful plan the Lord has for me. 

Scott left me a little message on my morning to-do list sitting on the counter (blogging was not on the list... whoops!) that said, "You are loved!" I have a note from "Santa" (in my dad's handwriting... suspicious) that lives in my jewelry box that says, "You are loved." My day is filled with daily reminders that my Heavenly Father knows and loves me. Sometimes I feel that love through family and friends. Sometimes I feel it in nature. Sometimes I feel it when things just work out. Sometimes I don't feel it at all and I realize I need to open my eyes and widen my gaze. Peter is napping. He is cranky when he wakes up and wants to be snuggled with a bottle for about ten minutes. Holding my baby -uh, toddler- I know I am loved.