Tuesday, March 10, 2015


After six years of having dog envy everywhere we go, we finally decided that there were no excuses good enough to keep us from finally getting our puppy. And we are excited!

We are so excited to bring our sweet Sammy (100% Peter's choice) home in a couple weeks. She is half yellow lab and half chocolate lab. Scott and I have been doing nonstop research, Peter has told everyone about Sammy ("She is not as big as a bear. She is just little, but she will get bigger. She had a purple string, so they called her Violet. She will live at my house. And I will throw a ball to my dog, and my dog will fetch the ball. And we will have lunch together. I will give her a bowl with some cereal, and I will have cereal, and then we will take a nap together. She will sleep on my ground, and I will sleep in my bed. When we wake up, we will play fetch in the backyard until my mommy calls us and says it's dinnertime."), and Brooklyn spontaneously calls "doggie!" in her carseat whenever we're on the go. We can't wait! I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this pup is a bit of a placeholder to make infertility a bit more bearable. But mostly, we just feel like she has been a long-awaited addition to this already crazy family of ours.  I can't wait to watch Sammy and Brooklyn battle it out for who gets to eat the food that gets dropped from the kitchen table. 

Both the kids did great when we went to look at the puppies. Peter climbed into the pen and let them climb all over him. Brookyn kept patting the dog, saying, "Hi doggie! Hi!" I can't wait to watch them grow to love Sammy once she's all settled in our own house!  

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